Proper care of your trees and shrubs is vital in maintaining a healthy plant. For most plants and trees spring is the best time to prune, before anything flowers. Reasons to prune – dead/diseased wood, reduce size, remove competing branches and allow in more sunlight to promote growth.

We offer a distinctive combination of durability and elegance for projects that stand the test of time. Building almost anything imaginable by creating vertical dimensions using natural or precast stone,…

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Garden Design

Nothing compliments a property more than a stunning garden with plants offering a wide variety of colors, shapes/sizes, textures and year round interest. With the proper choice of trees, shrubs,…

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Water Features

There is no other type of landscaping that makes as dramatic an impact on an outdoor living space as a water feature. Whether you choose a pond with a waterfall,…

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With so many choices out there, let us help you identify the look your after. With a broad range of color blends and impeccable surface designs, interlocking stone gives you…

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